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My Hobbies - Home Entertainment.

Most of my life I have been a lover of good sound, be it in the car, in the home HiFi or as part of my AV system.

Click either tab below to see details of my current systems.

  • My current 2 channel audio system consists of:
CD Player Cyrus CD 8 SE
Amplifier Cyrus 8 XPD
Power Supplies Cyrus PSX - R x2
Mains Filtration Takima Mains & RF Filter
Loudspeakers Monitor Audio Silver RX-8
Loudspeaker Cable Chord Company Rumour 2.
Interconnect Chord Company Chorus 2.
Terminations IXOS banana Plugs


  • My current 5.1 channel AV system consists of:
Blu Ray Player Panasonic DMP BD85
Satellite Sky HD
AV Amplifier Pioneer 919AH
Mains Filtration Takima Mains & RF Filter
Loudspeakers KEF 3005 SE 5.1 with 250w active 10" subwoofer.
Loudspeaker Cable IXOS 223 cable
Interconnect HDMI & Optical
Television Panasonic TX-P42 Full HD











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